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8.2.0. Update, free crew slots incoming, and a Crew Slots and Dabo Sale!

Greetings, Captains!

We’re putting the final touches to our next update, v8.2.0, that is set to be released at the end of this month. We needed additional time for iterations, corrections, and implementation - but we are now getting close!

On top of various improvements and bug fixes, this new version contains the groundwork for Objective Events!

Originally we announced that we were aiming for our first objective event to take place at the end of October. Part of the fun and challenge in game development is to discover new potential when working on a new feature. It was the case with Objective Events!

We then made the decision that it was worth it to take a little extra time to explore and implement these new opportunities, which meant delaying the release of v8.2.0. Being transparent with our release timings comes with risks, as we know that in game development delays happen.

Our new target for the first objective event is either the 2nd or 3rd week of November, and we're excited for you to take part in it
.”-WRG Ben

Objective Events are a new activity that you’ll be able to participate in outside of our regular weekly events. They will have a simple format, and will also be how we do temporary achievements in the future.

We are eager to show you what we’ve been working on, and until then we hope you will enjoy the following, starting tomorrow:

- with our server release tomorrow, Tuesday October 19, we’ll be adding 5x free crew slots for everyone, bringing the base amount to 155! (Not live yet)

- 50% off for crew slots purchases and Dabo Wheel spins! (Not live yet)

Starting tomorrow Tuesday, October 19 at 1pm ET until Tuesday, October 26, around 1pm ET (17:00 UTC), all crew slots tiers and all Dabo Wheel spins will be 50% off!

The amount of purchasable crew slots will also be increased by 5 tiers, for a total of 128 purchasable tiers.

Thank you for playing and for your continued support.


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