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As announced the game will go offline for a maintenance, tomorrow Tuesday 2022-11-29 at 6am ET (11:00 UTC). The downtime should last for approximately 60 minutes. A Voyage Revival token and some Chronitons will be sent out a few hours after the end of the downtime. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Announcing our “The Big Picture” campaign!


Greetings, Captains,

In November the movies “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home” and “Star Trek: First Contact” celebrate big release anniversaries, 35 and 25 years respectively!

To commemorate the occasion our next campaign will feature Tommy Gun Dixon 4 *, and Nyota Uhura 5*.

Tommy Gun Dixon is part of two collections: “Costume Party”, and “The Big Goodbye”.
Nyota Uhura is part of: “Original Thinking” collection.
This information will be available in a dedicated tab for each crew in our next client update, v8.2.0!

The campaign will start on Thursday, October 28 at 1am ET (05:00 UTC), and end on Wednesday, November 24 at 11:59am ET (Thursday, November 25 at 04:59 UTC).

You have one week left to complete the “Innovator” campaign!
Don’t forget that campaign tiers can be unlocked with Dilithium at any time while the campaign is active. Tap on the “+” icon above the tier to purchase it, this can be helpful if you find yourself short on accolades while trying to unlock all tiers before the campaign ends.

Thank you for playing, live long and prosper!

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