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Client Release Notes 8.2.0

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Greetings, Captains,

Our latest client, v8.2.0 is now live on Facebook and Steam. It will be rolled out to Windows and Google Play in the coming days. The iOS release is scheduled for next week, followed by a release on our other android platforms (Amazon, Huawei, and Samsung).

A force update is currently scheduled for Monday, November 8 after which v.8.2.0 will be required to be able to play. To celebrate this release, a free Chronitons pack will be made available for players who are on the new version, it will be claimable in the Time Portal.

For this new game update we’ve focused on some quality of life improvements, bug fixes, and a new feature: Objective Events.

Objective Events (not live yet)
Objective Events will replace temporary achievements but more importantly they will become a regular activity you’ll be able to enjoy in between our regular weekly events.

For more details about Objective Events please refer to our “Introduction to Objective Events” communique. If you no longer have it in your in-game mailbox, you’ll be able to find it on our forums, and in our Support Guide Center.

We will have a visual first look at Objective Events, and some parts of our 8.2.0 client update, available for you soon, stay tuned!

Improvements and bug fixes

Interface changes
- the Galaxy map now offers a more intuitive option to return to the main interface
- Dailies folder replaces the Daily Missions tab: inside you’ll be able to access Daily Missions, Daily Login Rewards, the Campaign, and Cadet Challenges
- Captain Achievements have been relocated to the Captain’s profile
- Daily Login Rewards: we’ve made it clearer that they follow the calendar month, and that the last reward shown is a preview of the first day of the next month
- Voyage: you can now start a Voyage directly from the main interface
- Limited Offers have been relocated above the Purchases folder - Known issue: for the “Double Your Crew” offer, if you are eligible for one, a restart might be needed if you play on a platform that is not yet on 8.2.0 when the offer triggers.

Not live yet:
- no interface mode: this toggleable option will allow you to make some amazing screen captures. Space is beautiful!
- the Get Menu will show in which faction store the selected item is currently available
- Dabo animation on the Purchases folder: the folder will show an animation of the Dabo Wheel to indicate that Dabo has reset. The animation will disappear once the wheel is spun once. This will first be tested on a small portion of players.

Bug Fixes
- fixed an issue where the Get Menu would incorrectly show missions for items that were already claimed as Rare Rewards
- inventory selection will no longer reset after dematerializing a polestar
- ending a Cadet Challenge will bring you back to the Cadet Challenge panel instead of the main interface

- Fleets: a new filter is available and shows fleet dailies completion status for all fleet members
- The Replicator panel now shows how many replicator uses you have remaining for that day
- Collection information is now available in the crew details popup, and in the crew details
This will allow you to quickly see if a crew is part of a collection and will also display your current progress in said collection.
- New behold packs: thanks to new technology, for some packs, we’ll be able to offer more variety in the choices offered via a behold, such as mixed rarity crew for instance. This will only apply to specific new packs.

Thank you for your continued support, and for your patience as we were putting the final touches on this new version of the game. We’re excited to show you our work, and we hope you are too.



  • We have re-released steam and Facebook/Webgl clients this morning to address a display issue that prevented some players from seeing/searching for crew they had immortalized. This issue should be resolved. We thank you for your patience.
  • We have just released the 8.2.0 update on Windows and Google Play.
  • ShanShan ✭✭✭✭✭
    8.2.0 is now available on iOS!
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