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Skirmish Event Notes : Barren Heat (flashback) - 2021-11-04

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Ceti Alpha V has seen more visitors in the past month than it has in a century and this arouses suspicion within Starfleet. Wesley Crusher sends a distress call to your crew for help, as no less than the Sarcophagus has appeared to prevent ships from getting any closer and it has been upgraded with modern weaponry and shield technology. Take down the Sarcophagus and find out what’s happening on the surface of the hostile planet.

Event Name: Barren Heat (flashback)
Event Type: Skirmish Event (space battles)
Event Start: Thursday, 11/04 at noon ET (16:00 UTC)
Event Finish: Monday, 11/08 at noon ET (17:00 UTC)

Daylight savings time will end on 11/07 for the USA, as a result this event will be one hour longer than usual.

Squadrons: Y
Crew Sharing: N
Faction Winner Bonus: N
Community Rewards: N

Event Crew: Wrathful Kirk (Existing) 5*, Cadet Wesley Crusher (Existing) 4*, and Jodmos (Existing 4*)

Ranked reward 5* crew: Daimon Solok (New) - this crew will be featured event crew in the event starting on 11/11.

Bonus crew/ships
- high bonus: event crew
- medium bonus: variants of Kirk, B. Sisko, and Wesley Crusher
- small bonus: crew matching at least one trait of the current battle

- Klingon K'Vort Bird-of-Prey 2* (Existing)
- U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 4* (Existing)
- Klingon Sarcophagus 5* (Existing)

Event Faction

Live long and prosper,


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