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Client Release Notes 8.2.1

Greetings, Captains,

Our latest client, v8.2.1 is now live on Facebook, Steam. It will be rolled out to the remaining platforms in the coming days.

A force update is currently scheduled for Monday, November 15, after which v.8.2.1 will be required to be able to play.

v8.2.1 contains various bug fixes pertaining to Objective Events, ensuring that our first beta run will be as smooth as possible.

For some v8.2.0 highlights and a first look at an example of Objective Event check this video:

We’ve also enabled the following:
- the ability to hide the interface, that option will be found in the Menu
- the Get Menu will show in which faction store the selected item is currently available

We’re looking forward to your participation and your feedback.




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