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Calling all Younger/Junior Fleets

Since it was mentioned in another discussion several Admirals from other fleets have been in touch to ask about the organisation needed for Inter-Fleet gauntlets.
VSA/Suncoast/ACE have been running them now for over eighteen months and I'm sure there are others out there that have run longer. They are a lot of fun, and it's great for smaller/less established fleets as it gives a real feel for how wide the player base of this game is and at at the same time makes the grind for a quality 5 star more fun.
Discord or access to Discord works best as you can chat in real time to the person you're targeting/working with. GIF's, emojis, references, all add to the drama and mayhem.
I'm happy if you feel that this might be fun and work for your fleet to organise an event so you get a feel for the mechanic, learn from our experience, and share a genuinely fun experience in the playpen that is STT.

Comment after here please and we can assess if there's genuine interest.

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