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Terrible lag in Galaxy events

I'm pretty sure there's always been awful lag w/ galaxy events (at least there has been for at least the past 2 years) but I've recently come up with a pattern to it. After building for 15-20 minutes you start to get really, really bad lag clicking on anything in the build screen. This includes actually clicking the Build button but also completing a set of 2 or 3 builds or turning in a set of super rares. It also includes using the build screen to farm an item. Meaning if i click on the item to see where I can farm it and then actually use my chrons to warp it, the game lags out for the first warp.

The lag will go away as soon as you close out of the build screen, either with the X in the upper right hand corner or on subsequent warps of a mission.

Seems like it's probably some kind of memory leak that doesn't get cleared until you go out of the screen. Please have someone investigate this, it's a huge pain to have to close out all the time.


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    You are correct i noticed that a long time ago.
    I usually leave the build screen every 5 minutes, to get rid of the increasing lag.
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