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Display bug in collections after thawing crew

I noticed this bug as I was getting my 4* Cultural Figures out of the vault for the mega:
  • go into a collection
  • select a frozen crew from the collection and use merits to revive them
  • screen returns to the individual collection display but now all 1000+ crew in the game appear to be part of that collection (i.e. it's the same as the main cryostasis vault display, but with the collection banner still across the top)
Apologies if this is a long-standing thing I'd been blissfully unaware of until now, but as best I can remember, I didn't see this issue when getting Innovators out of the Daystrom Award collection a couple of months ago. I've checked and it's not just the Cultural Impact collection (I got Grand Proxy Neelix out via Rules of Acquisition, and North Star Archer out of Wild West and saw the same in both cases). If you leave the collection and then re-enter it, it does display correctly.


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