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Another Vault Display issue(shows immortalized crew 1/5 only if u have an unfinished dupe)

Zombie Squirrel [Retired]Zombie Squirrel [Retired] ✭✭✭✭✭
edited December 2021 in Engineering Room
I got 5* Bones McCoy 5/5 and 1/5, but vault is showing him only as 1/5,
regardless i have an immortalized version.

EDIT I checked other crew i have unfinished dupes, they show the immortalized version in vault regardless, so it‘s seems it‘s only „Bones“ McCoy affected?

EDIT2 I just dismissed the 1/5 version and the 5/5 showed up in vault again.
Then i reenlisted the 1/5 and it’s back to the old issue, vault is only showing the 1/5 again.
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