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It would be helpful to dispaly the progression in each objective in numers as well as in graphic in the same space as the progress bar is displayed and not in the information section. Also to be shown as a fraction and not as a percentage. Something like "43/50" na not "86%"


  • Or make the req nr a double / triple digit prime nr and let hilarity ensue :)
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  • Also, can we get confirmation if you get auto-claim for the parts at the end...
  • Can we please get rid of prerequisites as well?
  • Cochran wrote: »
    Can we please get rid of prerequisites as well?

    X2. They are ridiculous. Have all actions in the event period count towards completion. If you want to sequence the achievements, have the tasks count and then the next achievement is immediately claimable if you’ve completed all tasks.

    For example:

    Level a crew 90.
    Fuse 3x.

    I immortalize first by doing one fuse and 9 levels up. Levels up immediately count. I fuse 2 more and then level 81 more times. Once the final level is complete, fuse and immortalize become claimable, but not before.
  • MaxwellMaxwell ✭✭
    They at least tweaked it, but the prerequisites are still usually annoying ways to just make things take longer and don't really build upon each other
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