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Suggestion on arrangement of "Daily Missions" panels

Dear STT team,

I'm a new player in the game & am enjoying it. Even as I am still exploring various aspects of your multi-faceted game, I've recently joined a Fleet that is quite focused on members completing their Daily Missions (DM). So, I started taking DM seriously & tried to complete them. Much to my surprise, I could not complete them. Thankfully, my fleetmates diagnosed the problem... I just didn't know how to complete DM correctly. Yes, you may be surprised, but let me explain.

While it is a no-brainer for veterans, a new player may find the DM screen a tad confusing. For example, it is not intuitive that the "Complete Daily Missions" panel encompasses the other panels following it. For a newb, it appears that this panel is an independent one like the other panels beside it. Upon clicking the Engage button on the Complete Daily Missions panel, all I got was the main screen, with no clue as to how to proceed further to complete the DM. My fleetmates then enlightened me that the 11 panels that were laid out to the right of the Complete Daily Missions panel were the elusive 11 missions. A rather embarrassing Eureka moment, indeed! :p

In addition, I found that completing one panel of DM also partially completed another panel. For example, finishing the "Complete Cadet Challenges" panel also partially fulfilled the "Complete Away Team Missions" panel. Another Eureka...! ;)

I also found by trial & error not to lock senior crew on Voyages or Faction missions before completing Cadet Missions. My fleetmates recommended an efficient sequence to complete DMs (which I include below).

So, I write this suggestion on behalf of those players who do not have the benefit of smart & supportive fleetmates as I got. If it is not too much of a bother, could you please rearrange the DM screen panels in the following sequence:

1. Campaign Active
2. Monthly Card (because this should not be missed)
3. <Any other purchased cards> (because these should not be missed)
4. Daily Reward
5. Chroniton Boost
6. Complete All Daily Missions
7. Purchase or Redeem Crew/ Boost Packs
8. Complete Scans
9. Complete Cadet Challenges (because this partially completes Item 14 here)
10. Complete Arena Battles (because this partially completes Item 15 here)
11. Equip Items on Crew Members (because this action naturally precedes Item 12 & may partially complete Item 14/15 here)
12. Level Up a Crew Member (because this action naturally precedes Item 13 here)
13. Train a Crew Member
14. Complete Away Team Missions
15. Start Space Battles
16. Complete Dilemmas on Your Voyage (because senior & best-fit crew need to be available for the preceding items)
17. Start Faction Missions (because remaining senior crew can be freely used on long missions)

A visual depiction of the above sequence is presented below for your visualization of this suggestion:

Please consider this request. :)

Thank you. <3


  • By no means a criticism of your suggestion, but I tend to equip, train and then level. Thus, you may want to consider editing the above to swap 12 and 13.
  • A "claim all completed" button would be great...
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