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Tardis of Who – Currently 3 positions

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Tardis of Who is a fun fleet of Whovians who enjoy learning to play this game . Experienced Captains help teach lower ranked Captains how to better their rank and event scores by sharing tips and helpful links and directions both on Discord and in game.. Encouraging leadership and unity is our main goal. Having fun playing the game and camaraderie amongst our fleet mates is our prime objective. Our star base is currently ranked at 117 and we are actively seeking daily players (Captains Level 10 or above)..

We require daily star base donations
We request completion of daily tasks
We have Captains from level 42 - 99 who enjoy teaching how to play the game
We encourage a sense of unity and camaraderie
We have unified leadership who share Admiral duties but do not pressure fleet mates to perform beyond the above requirement and request
We enjoy playing Star Trek Trivia every Tuesday evening on Discord (not required)
We have a new and improving Discord server
We have a sister fleet and encourage interfleet friendships
We respect our fleet mates and do not condone drama, egos or cliques
We do not require in game purchasing

If you are a daily player looking to join a fleet, consider Tardis of Who. Become a Companion Today by posting here, messaging me here or contacting Sarah Jane, Doctor Who, Krista Carstens or myself in game for more information.

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