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Turn the Gauntlet drops of older crew into beholds

hermdelicahermdelica ✭✭✭
edited January 28 in Make It So!
In other words, instead of just dropping an older Gauntlet crew, drop a behold of 3 of the older Gauntlet crew.

I think this would be a simple change to make, and would make things a little less frustrating for newer players who are trying to catch up on old Gauntlet crew.


  • Another option, which might take a bit more work to implement, would be to make all gauntlet crew drops beholds, but make the current featured crew hard-coded as one of the three options.

    That way veteran players who already have all the old gauntlet crew can focus on the new arrival, while new players have a way to get older gauntlet crew instead of taking a 6th, 7th, etc star on the featured crew.
  • Have multiple drops of every crew except armus.
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