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Touch Telepaths are looking for casual players

Hey folks,

today I'd like to tell you a bit about my fleet.

Let's be honest, we're not special and we're not successful by this game's standards.
After five years of existence, our starbase is only on Level 27.

But here's the thing: We don't mind. This fleet was founded to be a save haven for casual players. If success comes along the way, even better, but we just wanna have fun without the pressure.

So, all we expect is:
- Be online at least once every year.

If you're competetive and want to be in a high ranking fleet, of course I wish you all the best, but in that case we're probably not the right fleet for you. But if you just want to try this game out and want to see what fleets are all about? Or if you wish to play at a slower pace, because some days or even months you don't have the spoons to log in? In that case we might be just what you need.

Thank you for reading and your time and have a nice day. And if you'd like to join the Touch Telepaths? Well, come along and welcome on board.

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