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Arena rewards incorrect

Apparently the arena rewards have started a day early, but this effectively changed the rewards for Feb.

Captain division should be USS Yeager ((Jan); USS T'Kumba (Feb)

Captain division is USS T'Kumbra (Jan); Romulus D'diderex (Feb)

Admiral division should be HMS Bounty (Jan); USS Raven (Feb)

Admiral division is USS Raven (Jan); Captain Proton Rocketship (Feb)


  • Confirmed. Just need to know if I should go ahead and claim my rewards mail if the Raven is confirmed for Feb rewards, or if we can expect this to revert. I'll be keeping an eye on after the server push later today.
  • ShanShan ✭✭✭✭✭
    Looking in the game today, the rewards for February seem correct.
    There might have been an issue with the last day of January, this is not something we can correct now.
    Reach out to support if you received the wrong rewards for that one day.
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