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D3VIL DOG5 is Recruiting - Come join in on the fun!

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If you're reading fleet recruiting ads, you're probably ready for a change. Change can be hard, but it doesn't have to be. D3VIL DOG5 aims to make your change easy. The link below leads to our introductory website where you can see what we offer. Our main website is private, for fleet member's only. And we are one of the few to offer a full website (maybe the only one). Check us out. We're more than you think.



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    H3LLHOUND5 is looking for skirmish players. If your looking for a challenge or want to be a skirmish master or want to be better at skirmishes join us. We can help.
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    D3VIL DOG5 is a family of fleets started by former military. H3LLHOUND5 has open spots. We are looking for those who want to grow with us. Those who want to be squad leaders. And of course those who enjoy skirmishes. Come join us .
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