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New (to me) Daily Mission bug {duplicate}

edited March 2022 in Engineering Room
In the past i have seen the duplicated daily missions show up in list. Today I had a full reset of my daily missions. I had them completed earlier in the day and it looks like at Dabo reset time they reset with nothing being completed. I know this because I was active in the skirmish event and leveling Joran and then went in to find just the first tier of space battles complete again.


  • I also just noticed that my fleet daily missions matches the completion for the "refreshed" count. This will be hard to complete since I have used most of my cadet tickets already.
  • Heard similiar reports from fleet mates.
  • If you check out my post about this issue.

    Shan have said to submit a ticket about it. So that they can investigate the issue. Because this hasn't happened before. So they don't know what coursed it.
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