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Join the Re-energized American Federation Fleet!

Chris [VSA]Chris [VSA] ✭✭
edited March 2022 in Fleet Central

Join a mix of experienced and newer players in our recently revitalized Fleet!

We are looking for players who are:

1. Active on a daily basis and can be counted on to do your dailies and starbase donations.

2. Team players who will participate in weekly events to help boost rewards for their Squadron, Fleet, and themselves.

3. Level 10 and above.

All we ask is that you choose a name other than "Captain", join one of our Squadrons and do the best you can by participating in the game. Starbase Level is 121. Help us reach Max Level!

There are no requirements for social engagement, minimum threshold achievements, or VIP level. We're a Fleet, not a cult.

Just search for American Federation in-game and join us.

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