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Is 2024 Picard an Android?

He is an android in the game, but think about it...
In the alternate timeline, the events of PIC season 1 never happened. Therefore, Picard is not an android in the alternate timeline. When he travelled back to 2024, he should therefore still not be an android.

Am I making any sense...?


  • hermdelicahermdelica ✭✭✭
    Kinda like how Seven's not a Borg anymore either?
  • He is still a synth/android in this timeline, as explained by Q - he had a different reason for his artificial body (omitting spoilers because reasons). Since Dahj and Soji were indistinguishable from actual humans, even on medical scans, it makes sense that Picard would be similar to someone who didn't know any different.
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