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Campaign Top Tier 100 reward

Hi Team,

I accidentally bought the last 12 rows of the campaign for 2400 dilithium. I received all the rewards apart from the Top Tier 100, Legendary Picard Premiere. 8t hasn't awarded me anything, no citation, Legendary Behold or a Second chance Laris. I have raised a ticket, but this could be a much wider issue, if it doesn't award anything for everyone who has bought the offer. The final reward is always the best so why even go from a behold to a single card?


  • IIRC it is an avatar
  • ShanShan ✭✭✭✭✭
    It is an avatar, you will find it in your avatar list.
  • Ah ok shan thank you
  • Howdy,
    Out of my 4 fleets, I think folks thought the Picard Avatar was a legendary behold, paying to get to level 100 to get the character. I'd recommend putting the word 'Avatar' on avatars or something to let folks know it's not a legendary character. It will save on tickets called in.
  • I thought the same thing and opened a ticket. Putting "Avatar" in the description of the item would be useful.
  • The highest reward is an avatar? No joke?
  • The highest reward is an avatar? No joke?

    That‘s nothing new and well known since they announced the new campaign tier.
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