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Groundbirds Of Prey =GBP= are recruiting!

Folks, we are looking for a few daily players to join our happy Fleet!

We have a fully maxed Starbase and our own Discord channel, where most of the chit-chat takes place, but when the in-game UC hasn't ground to a halt, there's usually plenty going on there, too...

What we're looking for is someone at Captain Level 30 or above, (please not just called Captain!), looking to progress upwards with a great, friendly Fleet behind them. We are lucky to have some of the best informed players in the game with us, so help with crew selection, tactics etc is always on hand.

All we ask in return is that you try to log in daily and do your Starbase Donations as a minimum requirement!

You're not required to play every event, nor do you have to use Discord - (we like it because it makes life easier!)

If you just want to play at your own pace, that's cool, but we have some very competitive players and Squads for those looking for a high rank too.
We are regularly in the top 20-30 for Events and have a few Event winners in our ranks as well!

We even have regular team Gauntlets to make things a bit more fun!

We all have things going on in our real lives, so if you need some time off, please just let us know. We don't like to lose Captains, so keep us in the loop and we'll keep you in the Fleet!

If this sounds like your kind of thing, please let me know - =GBP= have been around since the very early days, so you'll be joining a well established, friendly, supportive and competitive team!

Please PM me in-game, =GBP= Bear, if you're interested!



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    Sign me up!
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    Sign me up or at least consider me! Daily player here. Fleet dailies/donations are no problem. =GBP= was the most exclusive fleet with membership by strict invite only. Glad to think I could be considered. Gamemail sent. Thanks!
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    =GBP= Bear=GBP= Bear ✭✭✭
    No problem! PM me!
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