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USS R3S is Seeking Players

Fleet USS R3S is looking for active Captain's hungry for the challenge of competing in Event's and the new upcoming Fleet Boss Battles feature going live real soon. With a fully leveled Starbase at your fingertips, you can compete in areas of the game like Gauntlet, Events and the newly Fleet Boss Battles with a higher stat proficiency. We're hiring Captains Level 30+. We also use Line app for additional resources & chat. Come give us a chance to grow, compete and have fun.


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    CyranoCobbCyranoCobb ✭✭
    edited May 2022
    USS R3S has a little of something for everyone. We're generally laid back but we have many experienced players who like to push on events. So whether you're still growing your crew and looking for help, have hit endgame and are treating your crew like pokemon now, or are just playing for casual fun, ask your doctor if USS R3S is the right fleet for you. About the only thing we ever really ask of people is to log in regularly. Daily goals are encouraged but not a requirement (still, plenty of us like our daily fleet rewards ;) ).
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