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Midweek events - a query

I'm currently sat on a stack of crew to cite, merge or complete, but am now wondering if it's worth it, as we've had a much more *ahem* "resource intensive" midweek event run for the past fortnight and again next week.

Will the old midweek event run return, or is this the new order of things?


  • EnderWEnderW ✭✭✭✭✭
    If you're getting the 4* crew from events, there's no reason to hold onto extra crew to merge. If you're not, you'll have a week to collect and hold onto crew for any OE merge requirement.

    It seems WRG is trying to fix the glitch with the simple OEs and, rather than not run any OEs, are giving us this string of hard ones. At some point, they'll go back to doing a mix. I'm praying that it's soon; I'm pretty sick of these already and I want my lazy Tues back!
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