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[IPA] is recruiting - One spot open as of June 28, 2022

[IPA] Ahab[IPA] Ahab ✭✭
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[IPA] Ahab Today at 1:02 PM TODAY June 28, 2022
The INNER PLANETS ALLIANCE has exactly ONE open spot!

Also known as the "Beer Fleet", IPA is an awesome collection of wily old veterans, whales, as well as VIP0 and newcomers to the game.

We have all the usual: maxed base, max daily ISM, but mainly we have a friendly group who gather on Discord to trade memes, information and banter about STAR TREK TIMELINES and everything else in the universe.

We are a prime fleet for the soon-to-arrive Ship Battles as well, with a well-connected group on Discord.

We recognize that real life takes precedence, only that you keep us updated if you need time off.

We ask for daily donations and daily tasks.

We need you on Discord for weekly communication (you don't have to post if that isn't your thing).

If you're looking for a helpful, friendly fleet, you're looking in the right place with IPA
Reply to me: [IPA] Ahab in the game or in Discord [IPA] Ahab#5972


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