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Who to ditch?

180 Crew Slots aren't enough apparently...
After the recent Honour Sale I got 3 golds waiting for space on the roster and they are running out of time. I don't have any purples ready to freeze, I don't have enough Honour to buy citations nor Quantums for Crew Retrieval.
Should I ;
- airlock some 2 star purples I haven't fully equipped yet but belong to 2/3 collections each
- freeze some FF/FE golds I use all the time
- let the timer run out on the new golds


  • Kim-NovakKim-Novak ✭✭✭
    Purples. You can always get those again, or freeze already maxed crew

    You are going to be in even more trouble with the mega coming up. You will need at least 1 slot for the reoccurring crew. Maybe you should buy some slots
  • EnderWEnderW ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited June 2022
    The name of the game is prioritization. Most of the tools that the community has come up with are meant to give captains as much info as possible for these decisions. I’d recommending checking either the Do Not Airlock tool or the citation optimized in Datacore.

    Beyond that, do not freeze golds you are using; that makes no sense. Are there any FF’ed golds or purples you are not using? Do you still have Rare, Uncommon, or Common cards out? All those are your first place to look.

    These 3 new golds, are they good cards? Are they cards you want to have? Or are they just new to you? I know it can seem wrong but airlocking golds that won’t be helpful till they move up the citing priority list is a good strategy.

    Be mindful of which SRs you are airlocking. Are they in the Portal? Will they be useful when FF’ed? Or are they just filler?

    I realize that’s a lot of questions to your question, but you’re in the best place to know what you need, what you would like to keep, and what are luxuries.
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  • I have always worked under the assumption that any gold is better than any purple, so I've been pretty ruthless with purples in the past. I could look at airlocking some of the more useless (?) golds but I'm not that desperate yet.

    Of my 180 slots, 19 are purples and the rest are golds. I have one 3 star FE, nine 2 star FE, three that are one part of a combined pair, three that are Dilemma Rewards from x3 dilemmas so very hard to replace, one that is Event Crew for the coming event and two 2 star FE. I airlock the last 2 and will prob freeze FF/FE Bell Riots Bashir because I have his skills but better in FF/FE Prisoner Cornwell. Hopefully by the time the next acquisition arrives I will have saved enough Honour for a citation for the one 3 star FE purple.

  • Having some redundancy (you mentioned Bell Riots Bashir) is fine for voyages and events with a faction component. Keep him around.

    Strengthwise, a gold 1* is roughly equivalent to a purple 4*. There are examples that are well above, and below this benchmark.

    With as few crew slots as you have, it may be time to start jettisoning your 1* golds. With as few crew slots as you have, and another sale not likely for months, you're going to want to cull. Start with non-portal ones with low strength. Then no-name (non bridge crew) ones in tiers 7-10 that are only in 0-2 collections. You're unlikely to ever 5* these so their collections won't be relevant, and their strength will not contribute to your gameplay.
  • This Sisko1This Sisko1 ✭✭✭✭✭
    2 stat or random purps can always go
  • DavideBooksDavideBooks ✭✭✭✭✭
    With the high number of cards, the "purple crew will come again" logic is not as good as it once was. Freezing might be better.

    Long-term, I always advocate for saving dilithium for crew slots. I have a score of empty slots and a dozen fully fused but not equipped duplicates because I prioritize space. I worked hard to get to this point, but I don't buy the monthly card for the past close-to-two-years and very rarely a campaign. Yet I can get top 750 in any event I choose to without playing the Freezer Shuffle mini-game. It is very nice.
  • I have always worked under the assumption that any gold is better than any purple, so I've been pretty ruthless with purples in the past. I could look at airlocking some of the more useless (?) golds but I'm not that desperate yet.
    This is GENERALLY true, but not STRICTLY true. The DNA Checklist has shown me there's definitely overlap in ALL of the categories, such that some of the best Purples are better than some of the worst Golds. Heck, the best Gray is better than the worst Blue.

    But like 95% of the time, Gold almost certainly beats Purple.
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