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[TOO] The New Obsidian Order are recruiting

 Bri Bri ✭✭✭✭
It’s not often I post a recruitment ad, maybe once or twice a year… but I am looking for one or two suitable players. We have crashed the top ten party for the last five weeks and are looking to further enhance our fleet and keep the momentum going. We have some truly awesome players amongst us who I am glad to call friends. We are 4th at the time of posting during the current hybrid.

The Obsidian Order [TOO], part of the SSR family and currently a top 10 fleet are recruiting. We have an open spot or two for a new recruit (Although I could make more room if necessary as we five fleets).

Our starbase is maxed out.

We have a discord server where you can mix with all five of our fleets (not mandatory). And an exclusive room for our fleet.

General requirements:
- play daily and try to compete in events when you can, preferably ranking top 1k every three or four events.
- join our discord (not mandatory, but recommended)
- have fun!

Please inbox me for details LLAP 🖖🏻
How can the big man himself, Andrew Robinson, be wrong?!

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