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Spockwork Orange fleet page.Fully upgraded sb 134,daily ISM. Current fbb lvl is "ultra nightmare"



  • We have an opening in our fleet .Be quick about it.We are ranked 3rd-5th in this weeks event and looking for daily active players to join us.
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    finished 5th in last weeks event still one final spot open ,starbase is at lvl 74.cheers.
    edit:last spot has been filled
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    we again have an opening in our fleet. Our starbase is now at lvl 80.We are planning for the coming event , come join us.
    edit: spot filled thank you
  • Spockwork Orange has one opening for an active captain at least level 40 with 3 or more shuttles. Our current starbase is level 83 and the fleet placed 26th in the last event. If you think you would be a great addition, please reply and I or our friendly Borg, Nick will get in touch with you.
  • Spot has been filled and recruitment is now closed, thank you.
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  • I’m looking for a fleet. Captain level 44, complete all my dailies, 4 shuttle bays.
  • 1 spot was filled but as anticipated another one opened up in our fleet so the search for spock....eh i mean a recruit is still active
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  • recruitment is currently open as we have 1 spot available at the moment.our starbase is lvl86 and we always complete dailies .we are a competitive fleet but we also have an optional fb group page if you d like to socialiaze more about the game as well as an amino app group chat. if you d like to join message me here or look for us in game.
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    we have 1 spot open in our fleet .join a competitive and fun fleet today
  • Synthetic CommanderSynthetic Commander ✭✭✭✭✭
    Crazy a slot's open this long guys, this is a quality competitive fleet with a high end Starbase, while being friendly and helpful.
  • I’m interested. Level 52. Play most days have been Squadron leader for 6 mos.
  • spot has been filled for now.thank you
  • We may have 1 spot open Monday morning. If active captain level 40 or higher with 3 or more shuttles, message me if you wish to be considered for spot. Current fleet rank is 24th and starbase level is 89.
  • one spot has opened up in our fleet .Our last event rank was 13th (you can check that out ) ,our starbase is at 90 ,all our players are active daily which allows us to get rewards in a timely manner.we also have a fb group if you d like to socialize more about the game (optional).looking forward to adding someone that is active before the next event starts on thursday.cheers.
  • I'm interested, 40, 3 shuttles. Have been active each event since I started playing
  • spot has been filled for now.thank you
  • I will have one spot after event due to excessive inactivity. Current fleet rank is 14th and starbase is now 92. We have many competitive players and squads rotate squadleaders according to who has best crew share in their group. Fleet chat is often quite active and humorous and we love to cheer each other on. We consider ourselves quite competetive but we prefer to hear from our players that they reached a new game goal rather than hearing that we beat another fleet. Absense is generous at 10 days but is adjusted if a player frequently never logs on then drops 5 dailies followed by dissappearing again. Simply messaging a squadleader or officer is all it takes to excuse extended absense. If you have at least 3 shuttles , are at least level 40 and this sounds like your kind of fleet, please leave a response. Thank you.
  • Fleet is now full. I will update should a spot open, thank you.
  • One fleetmate decided to retire after being a great addition to our fleet for a long time so one spot is currently open but there may be room for 2 more so make your case today.we are a top 25 fleet with a lvl 100 starbase.Comment/send message here or apply in game.Cheers
  • finished the mega event at 21 as a fleet.could use a top player to become more competitive
  • still looking for a couple of players to join us.
  • one spot left.join today
  • wa' chaDo'maq ghIt.if nothing else works try klingon...hope the online transator did its job...
  • ...and we are back up to 2 open spots
  • current starbase lvl at 101 .fb group page with tools to help you in improving as well as experienced, helpful fleetmates :)
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