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Galaxy Event Notes: Cosmic Condo - 2022-06-30


A colony of space boomers have their vessel transported to the present via temporal anomaly and are astonished to see how much easier living full-time in space has gotten over the past couple centuries. They decide to begin work on their own “luxury living establishment” - complete with shops, bars, entertainment, and residences - that continues moving through space. However, not everyone is thrilled with the Boomers and their new venture.

Event Name: Cosmic Condo
Event Type: Galaxy (supply missions)
Event Start: Thursday, 06/30 at noon ET (16:00 UTC)
Event Finish: Monday, 07/04 at noon ET (16:00 UTC)

Squadrons: Y
Crew Sharing: N
Faction Winner Bonus: N
Community Rewards: Y

Event Crew: Brunt, F.C.A. 5* (New), Paul Mayweather 4* (New), and Commander Donatra 4* (Existing).

Ranked reward 5* crew: Barge of the Dead Torres 5* (New) - this crew will be featured event crew in the event starting on 07/07.

Bonus crew
• high bonus: event crew
• small bonus: variants of Brunt, crew with the ‘ferengi’ trait and crew with the ‘romulan’ trait

Event Faction
Ferengi Alliance, Ferengi Traditionalists, Romulan Star Empire

Live long and prosper,


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