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Force Update, Free Crew Slots, and Fleet Boss Battles!

Greetings, Captains,

Thank you for joining us yesterday during our live stream on our Youtube channel, it was a blast. If you didn’t have the opportunity to attend, the recording is available.

Force Update
9.0.0 is now mandatory to play.

Pet People Collection
Addition of Puppy-Placated Janeway, B-4, and Lewis Zimmerman.

Free Crew Slots
To celebrate the release of Fleet Boss Battles, 5 free crew slots have been awarded to everyone, bringing the base total to 170.

Fleet Boss Battles is live!
Fleet Boss Battles, and Captain’s Bridge are now live.
If you are not yet in a fleet now is the time to join one, this will allow you to take part in the challenges ahead, gain rewards, and level up the Captain’s Bridge.

Check out the tutorial, info texts, and our FAQ for more information about these new features.

Known issue:
Level 1 Captain’s Bridge: the last reward has an incorrect description and icon which might cause confusion. The reward is a Super Rare Behold claimable from the Honor Hall.

We can’t wait to see you tackling Fleet Boss Battles, and to hear your feedback!

As Captain Pike said it best: Hit it!



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