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Fleet Boss Battles Update and Clarifications

Greetings, Captains,

Thank you for your participation in Fleet Boss Battles so far and for all the feedback provided.
This is a beta so there are indeed some issues, and we’re already working on addressing them.

Some issues might require a new client which takes longer, but for other concerns we are looking at solutions that could be applied via a server update.

What are we hoping to address very quickly:

- making it so that more players participating in a Boss Battle get some rewards

- applying a temporary fix that will limit the traits used for a Boss Battle to 18 traits, to ensure all traits are displayed correctly on all platforms.

This is a temporary workaround until our next client that will contain a permanent fix.
At that point the maximum amount of traits that could be displayed for a battle will once again be 24.

- correcting the icon and description for the Bridge level 1 last reward

- we’re also investigating a potential issue with the Anti Matter bonus obtained from the Bridge


- Bridge Rewards that are unclaimed automatically get added to your account once the Bridge levels up.

- Bridge Level 1 last reward: this reward has an incorrect description and icon. The reward is a Super Rare Behold claimable from the Honor Hall.

- Rewards eligibility: to be eligible for either Personal Damage Rewards or Boss Destruction Rewards you need to do enough personal damage to reach the first threshold as displayed in the rewards for the battle you are participating in.

As said above, we are looking into a change for this to allow more participants to gain rewards.

- we are aware of an issue where a combo chain could currently require a trait for a character that is not yet readily attainable. The trait in question is 'Vedala' - we currently do not have a workaround but it is being looked into.

Thank you for playing,

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