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FAST Tool (Fleet boss, Arena, and Skirmish Team) V1.2

JimBerlinJimBerlin ✭✭✭
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Hey everyone.

I originally made this for personal use, but wanted to share in case it helps your planning for FBB, arena, or skirmishes. BigBook.app has been updated and covers a lot of what I wanted for searching crew but not all. If any of the fine folks involved with that wonderful resource want to add anything from this, please do. A lot of it is there with some fancy search-fu, but I couldn’t get some things I wanted even with the advanced search tags. We are a “share and share alike” community and this seems to be an area still a bit under-served, but growing now that FBB has put the focus on ship battles. I hope this can help everyone's game until this tool gets supplanted.

This tool is a Google Sheet, query-based search tool for crew that displays their ship stats and allows multiple levels of sorting (3 max, currently). No scripts or permissions are needed. Crew data are automatically imported, but there are small issues with charge phases that require some checking and manual updating where the JSON I'm pulling from is perplexingly inconsistent (maybe fixed in the future). For now, there is a master sheet that this draws from separately that will be updated for any misbehaved imports. So, your copy should always be up to date.

I have added some things I think are useful for metrics - Base vs. Max Skill Boost (think Kang for attack boost at +9 w/ the trigger vs. Jazz Musician Riker at +7), Base and Max Bonus (think Torpedo McCoy becoming a 400% hammer after charge phases), total passives and crit passives for sorting (crit passive total seems to be most useful for FBB because they have no shield and your evasion is nowhere near the boss' accuracy), and some filters like minimum bonus, penalties (any, none, specific skill allowed), and max initialize time.

Filter Example

Sort Example

Partial Example Output

Layout (sorry lots of columns b/c lots of data)

Special thanks to [LF] flash for teaching me/sharing the bits of code needed to get this off the ground and to @Bylo Band for testing.

Version 1.2 link

I initially had combined it with a Ship Selector that would display ship stats, seats, etc., but that proved troublesome as I could find no good source for max level ship data to be automatically exported from the game. The real kicker would be if someone could work out all of the timings and probabilities to make a ship performance simulator, yielding your ship setup's damage output in a given time. Alas, I am not the person to do that. I'm all in on the mantra of not letting perfect get in the way of good enough. This does 95% of what I want in one package.

Leave feedback, bugs, or suggestions here. If you're feeling altruistic, please share your good setups and results to the FBB Board directly, or join the Discord to drop results off or strategize ( https://discord.gg/Z3dQC74nMZ ). Happy hunting!


  • Thank you, much appreciated :)
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  • Bylo BandBylo Band ✭✭✭✭✭
    While I was helping test this in the back of my mind the entire time was the sheer excitement that this thing will make coming up with outside the box ship setups for Fleet Boss fights so much more simple. Want to try an all Attack Speed team to see if that is better (like I do)? This will make that super simple!
  • ~peregrine~~peregrine~ ✭✭✭✭✭
    Great work, @JimBerlin , et al.! I look forward to using this and watching how it develops over time. 🖖
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  • (A) Traveling Man(A) Traveling Man ✭✭✭✭✭
    This looks interesting! I'm going to give it a shot.
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  • JimBerlinJimBerlin ✭✭✭
    Fixed a heading for a column that was backwards...
    Cooldown and Duration were swapped - change in your copy or DL the fix

    Thanks, @Venimus
  • JimBerlinJimBerlin ✭✭✭
    Small update:
    Fixed a rules error where the filter was one number off on some cells. This impacted rarity filters.

    Next update will include additional sort and filter options. After that, adding a crew.csv tab to paste your roster into and a column that will indicate if you own the crew. Long term goal is to update the ship data on the wiki after collecting the info and reintegrate the ship info back into the tool. The goal will be to allow you to see the ship stats at base bridge level and then to choose the crew and see the impact of passive stats.
  • JimBerlinJimBerlin ✭✭✭
    edited July 2022
    V1.2 release

    In honor of the exceptional performance of the Artifact with 3 hull repair crew, allowing it to extend the battle all the way to the 180s mark, "Loop time" sorting and a filter for "Limited Use Crew Allowed?" has been implemented.

    Report any errors or odd behavior you encounter. Happy Hunting!

  • JhamelJhamel ✭✭✭✭✭
    Meowsome work, Jimmy! *antennae wiggle* Much appurrciated, since these busbattles really pose a challenge in a new dimension (suddenly tanking becomes a meta instead of boom, boom, boom).
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