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New Minigame / Collection: Poker / Pokerface [A New Credit Source]

JhamelJhamel ✭✭✭✭✭
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Skirmish events are most likely the best way to make credits nowadays, but usually we don't have a Skirmish Event every second week. The gauntlet simply doesn't yield enough credits in the mini-drops to be of use, and the daily achievements also don't really weigh too heavy as you can only do them once a day. With crew retrieval and replication load increases, the credit inflation has gone through the roof.

So I think we need better odds and means to get a good ameownt of credits purr day. Why not introduce a new minigame "Poker"? I think the game engine could cope with a simple Poker interface. It's been done in "Test Drive Unlimited 2" (car-racing multiplayer-focused character development game). This is not only a great way to make credits, but also a chance to socialize with other players (or fleet mates) directly in-game by holding a little Poker session when there's nuffin but a muffin else to do.

A nice touch with the introduction of the Poker minigame would be a new collection called "Pokerface" with all crew in that has got the "Gambler" trait. For a change, I would not put any more skill-boosts for gauntlet, shuttles or voyage in the rewards, but a really serious credit chunk for each threshold and maybe merits and chronitons on top of those credits, for the high-end tiers a small amount of dilithium and maybe an exclusive gold crew that is related to the Poker games in the TV shows. A suggestion of mine would be either Albert Einstein or Sir Isaac Newton or - of course the best of the best - Stephen Hawking!

What do you think about this idea? *antennae wave*

~ Jhamjham
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