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The United Federation of Pragmatists - We're Recruiting New Captains!

General McDuckGeneral McDuck ✭✭✭✭
edited July 2022 in Fleet Central
THE UNITED FEDERATION OF PRAGMATISTS ("UFP") has a couple of openings for active players! We're a casual and at the same time competitive, fleet. Several of us push hard for higher event ranks, while others just dabble or even skip events entirely. And at the end of each event, one of our captains gives an entertaining summary highlighting fleet and individual accomplishments.​We are quite active on the official UFP Discord server, where we discuss gameplay tips, organize squads, coordinate Fleet Boss Battle attack strategies (we’ve already made it to Nightmare mode!), give crew advice, and just chat about stuff.

We have among our captains:
* The aforementioned event summarizer (and DataCore coder!)
* An illustrious mod of the main Discord server
* Three captains who were FTM - Zyree, Captain Picard Day Picard, Princess Tonia Barrows
* Players from around the world
* Multiple players with "natural" 12 hour voyages

All we ask of you is that you "dailies" as best as possible. We have no VIP or Captain level requirements. Regular Discord activity is not required, but we do ask yo join our server to stay up to date on Fleet announcement and strategies. If you'd like to join this awesome...and pragmatic Fleet, please PM your in-game name and we'll go from there. We look forward to hearing from you!

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