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GAY TREKKERS -- an active, English-speaking Fleet -- strives to serve as a safe and fun TREK through TIMELINES for LGBTQIA+ and allies worldwide.

Our current Starbase level is 28, soon to be 30.

Typically, at least 40 Members are active on a daily basis. A limited number of spots usually becomes available on a fortnightly basis.

Membership is open — no approval is required — with a variable level requirement. There are no criteria other than keeping communication friendly and appropriate for most ages. All are welcome. If there is space, join us and take the conn!

So, come, raise your Aldebaran whiskey, Romulan ale, Saurian brandy, bloodwine (if you must), kanar, tranya, coffee (in that nebula), hot chocolate, prune juice (a warrior’s drink), tea (Earl Grey, hot), or any other appropriately hued drink, in celebration with us of All Good Things TREK, GAY, EQUALITY, COLOR, FELLOWSHIP and — of course — FABULOUS.



Note: Fleet Members/Officers inactive for a period of 14 consecutive days without informing the Admiral or an Officer in advance of the absence may be dismissed from the Fleet.

Former Members/Officers are welcome to rejoin the Fleet.

Apologies to any dismissed due to inactivity.

The policy’s goal is to keep the Fleet as active, engaged, rewarding, and fun as possible. We aim to strike a balance between, on the one hand, saving room for committed crew who may need a break, and, on the other, welcoming new Fleetmates.
[GT~] • Picard • Admiral of GAY TREKKERS Fleet, Leader of [GT~] VALKYRIES Squadron.
"If there is one ideal that the Federation holds most dear, it is that all men, all races can be united." =A=
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