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App unloading on Android

I've noticed in the past two months, that whenever I app switch on my phone to another app, and return to the game, it always reloads the game completely. This is highly annoying. I've done all the basic troubleshooting on my phone with regards to battery optimization and the app continues to reload after I switch away then back to it.

Android 12 on Pixel 6 Pro with default launcher.

Happens if I press home and, say, go to discord or web browser. Then click on app icon or app switch. Happens on fresh reboot with game being first app opened.

Sometimes it even happens when I press home and then back to the app without going to another app.

Anyone else? This a new app bug?



  • I've experienced the same thing with a Pixel 5a. It started immediately after one of the 2022 Pixel security updates--I think it was April or May? I have a number of other apps and games and don't see the same issues, so it seems to just be Timelines.

    I've started testing a Pixel 6a and it does not have the same problem--both the shipped security update (April) as well as June do not experience reloads.
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  • I installed the release version of Android 13 on my Pixel 5a yesterday and the game has gone back to sitting happily in the background and popping right back when I return to it with no need for reloading.

    The Raven, you might want to try the upgrade--I suspect it will fix this for you.
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