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Server Release Notes 2022-08-09

Greetings, Captains!

With today’s server release the following changes have been made to the game:

- In Memoriam of Nichelle Nichols, a free behold pack is available in the Time Portal.

- A new collection has been added, ‘Acoustic Vibrations’, for crew with the ‘musician’ trait.

- Fixed an issue where some ships were not displayed properly on some platforms.

Fleet Boss Battles
We heard your feedback regarding the need to limit the ability to start a battle to only Admirals and Officers. This is something we hope to be able to implement for our 9.2.0 client, likewise for the request to see who started a battle.

Regarding our upcoming 9.1.0, we’ll soon have a better idea as to when it will be released.

On top of the buff feature that we previously announced, 9.1.0 should contain fixes and improvements for various issues such as:
- Incorrectly grayed out traits
- Results screen not being shown to all participants
- Removing the ability to start a battle without crew

Thank you for playing,

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