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If not now, then when (Event - Fleet Rank Rewards)?

JhamelJhamel ✭✭✭✭✭
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It's really about time to give out rewards for the rank of a fleet, not only squad and individual. This would also be a good oppurrtunity to revise the rewards given out to the ranked squads as they are just underwhelming, even first place (125'000 Credits is nowadays nuffin but a muffin).

My idea for fleet rewards is to give out things that are needed to build a fleet starbase and to level up the bridge (which is based on fleet boss battles). Bilitrium I to III and Kemocite and Magnesite as well as Holoemitters (top ranks), Kemocite and Magnesite as well as Transpurrent Aluminium (medium ranks), Magnesite and Tritanium (lower ranks). The amount should be realistic (Bilitrium should not be too much, but Magnesite especially should be a huge chunk for the first few ranks).

What do you think?
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