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[BART'S] Mid Iowa fleet is recruiting again!

KopaceticK[BART'S]KopaceticK[BART'S] ✭✭✭
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BART'S has 2-3 openings for a few good captains who are daily players. We are a legacy fleet and have been here since almost the beginning of STT, have great experienced captains and a few newer players as well. Play events and spend as you'd like. We have FB and Discord for extra communications but it is not required We feature a monthly discord voice/vid chat as well. Starbase is long since maxed. On FBB we rotate bosses, Tu-Th is Ultra Nightmare, Fri-Sun is Nightmare. One day a week is devoted to catching up for captains newer to the fleet so Make Up Mondays we run hard to max kemocite and mangesite. Contact me if interested and as always LLAP.

Adm [BART'S]KopaceticK


  • Filled 2, still need a couple more. Join now while we're still catching up our fleet to bridge level 9 on brutal boss. Nightmare coming soon! TY & LLAP

    Adm [BART'S]KopaceticK
  • Direct message sent!

    "Faith Manages."
  • Direct message sent!

    Yogi, didn't get your DM.. in game or here? The fleet is currently open to all players level 40 and on condition to lower levels. If you're still interested plz lmk!

    Adm [BART'S]KopaceticK
  • Gotcha in Ranger Yogi, welcome!

    Adm [BART'S]KopaceticK
  • KopaceticK[BART'S]KopaceticK[BART'S] ✭✭✭
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    BART'S is now full. TY captains for your interest and patience. If you still have interest in our fleet, PM me or contact me on discord at Adm [BART'S]KopaceticK#5849. As always LLAP

  • Bart's is now recruiting again.. looking for 2-3 daily players. We've had a number of captains from dead or slow fleets join us over the last month and are quite experienced in helping new members progress. LLAP

    Adm [BART'S]KopaceticK
  • Still looking for one or two good captains to join due to a couple going inactive recently. Taking UN FBB daily during the week, and Nightmare on the weekends. Contact me with any interest and LLAP.

    Adm [BART'S]KopaceticK
  • Hello again Captains, our fleet has again some MIA players and we have a few spots open once more. Despite losing a few, we still routinely take down NM and UN bosses. We are looking for mostly daily players to fill in the gaps. Newer to the game or stuck in an inactive fleet struggling to take down bosses? We can help. Contact me if interested and as always LLAP.

    Adm [BART'S]KopaceticK
  • Just recently returned to the game do you still have openings?
  • Kitsuki wrote: »
    Just recently returned to the game do you still have openings?

    Might have one left if you're still looking
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