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looking for fleet w 2 accounts

I'm looking for a new fleet. I have 2 accounts, one of which has existed almost since the beginning of the game, the other is 3 years old.

I'm looking for a laid-back fleet that does not pressure, cajole, or admonish members for 1) playing at whatever pace they want, 2) expressing their opinions.

I was a Squadron leader & play every day & will be able to contribute in a meaningful way to a positive, cooperative team that keeps the fact that this is just a game in proper perspective.

I'm not picky about what level the fleet is, newer or older.
Hurry up before those things eat Guy!


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    Wildstar19Wildstar19 ✭✭✭✭
    Follow up - within a half-hour of being fleet free, I got bombarded with invitations right on the site, so I've got a new fleet already!
    Hurry up before those things eat Guy!
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