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Sulu’s Husband Looking For New Fleet

Sulu's HusbandSulu's Husband ✭✭✭✭✭
edited August 2022 in Fleet Central
Looking for a new fleet with only 1-2 open slots with a fully equipped starbase at level 134 and most of the members at level 90 or higher. I’m located in US eastern time zone I have a deep roster missing only a few available crew and have 600 slots I complete all my dailies. I participate in all events but may not go much beyond 150000 in most events. I engage in Boss Battles and have decent success unlocking nodes. I don’t use the chat feature in the game or use Discord. I want to contribute to a fleet but at my own pace. Until WRG controls who can a start a battle, I want to be in a controlled environment with no more than 2 battles going on at once. I’m not interested in being an officer.

If you can deal with my needs, style of play, and idiosyncrasies, hit me up here and provide me with info about your fleet.



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