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Fleet Boss Battles Downtime - 2022-08-28 - 2022-09-06 - Time correction

ShanShan admin
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Greetings, Captains,

We’re getting ready to release our next client update, v9.1.0, and prior to this we need to take Fleet Boss Battles offline for about a week.

Starting on Sunday, 2022-08-28, at 10am ET (14:00 UTC) it will no longer be possible to start any NEW boss battles.

Battles that are in progress at that time will remain available for the duration of their timer, allowing you to complete them.

Fleet Boss Battles will return after the release of v9.1.0 and the forced update that is currently scheduled for Tuesday, September 6.

We apologize for the inconvenience this might cause.

It will be worth the wait as we have many fixes and improvements in store for the feature, such as:
- a fix for traits being grayed out incorrectly
- a change to threshold rewards to ensure everyone participating will be eligible for rewards, destruction rewards included
- an improved experience when selecting crew for a node, including a search function, crew currently in the vault (+ ability to unfreeze directly), and more relevant traits displayed
- the introduction of a fleet wide buff when unlocking a combo chain + an individual reroll ability

More details soon in our client release notes but also in our upcoming stream that will take place on Wednesday, 2022-08-31, at 4pm ET (20:00 UTC)! In the stream WRG Ben will also talk about what we are planning for Star Trek Day!


Thank you for playing,

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