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Client Release Notes 9.1.0 FB/Steam/Google Play/Windows/iOS

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Greetings, Captains,

Our latest client, v9.1.0 is now live on Facebook, and Steam, to be followed on Tuesday with Windows and Google Play. It will be released on iOS on Wednesday, followed by a release on our other android platforms (Amazon, Huawei, and Samsung).

A force update is currently scheduled for 09/06 after which v9.1.0 will be mandatory to continue playing. After the force update Fleet Boss Battle will once again be available, and there will be a free pack made available to make it easier to jump right back in.

With this update we’re introducing changes and bug fixes to Fleet Boss Battles:

- traits will no longer be incorrectly grayed out in the combo view trait list

- addition of a personal damage threshold damage tiers, 1-100k, which will allow everyone participating to receive rewards, including Boss Destruction rewards

- improved crew selection when trying to resolve a node with addition of a search function, showing more relevant traits for each crew listed, but also showing crew that are in the vault, with the ability to unfreeze them directly from the list (provided you have a crew slot space)

- Combo chain buff: completing a combo will grant each fleet member with a same temporary buff to a ship stat, and this for the remainder of the boss battle. The effectiveness of the buff given will be rolled and will be random based on specific parameters.
The possible buffs and effectiveness ranges are as follows (ranges may be changed based off of testing results):
Increase Attack: 5% - 15%
Increase Attack Speed: 5% - 15%
Increase Crit Rating: 300 - 1000
Increase Crit Bonus: 3000 - 10000
Reduce damage taken from boss: 2% - 10%
Reflect part of damage taken from the boss: 5% - 13%
Reduce all cooldowns: 1 second

There will also be a chance to receive one or more of these buffs with a bonus multiplier attached of X2 or even X3!
This will make each boss battle run different from your previous run, and we are hoping that receiving a buff will encourage you to experiment with ship and crew loadout to do the most damage possible. This system will also help players do more damage.

- Combo chain buff reroll: If you don’t like the buff you received as a reward for your fleet completing a combo, then you will have the option to re-roll your buff for a small dilithium cost. (this will only change the buff for the individual doing the re-roll and will not affect the whole fleet) The cost of a re-roll will increase with each re-roll, starting at 15 dilithium and up to 50 dilithium(cost amount may change based on testing results). Re-rolling your buff will generate a new buff and efficiency. By completing multiple combos you will stack multiple buffs. Re-rolling your buffs will be a great way to optimize your buffs and to create powerful synergies between them.

- it will no longer be possible to attack the boss without crew

- Bridge buff “Damage taken from Boss” has been renamed “Defence against Boss” (we’re going for the British spelling on this one)

- combo view: traits list will now remain visible after you unlock a node

- some scaling issues have been fixed, it should now be easier to close the Captain’s Bridge on certain devices. The list of traits in combo view should no longer run the risk of being truncated, as a result the traits shown will go up to maximum 24 instead of 12 (the number of traits displayed varies per combo chain)

- Combo chain node: the avatar of the crew that was used to resolve the node will be displayed, alongside the name of the fleet member having unlocked the node

- Fleet Boss Battle info text has been updated for clarity and to include information about the buff system

We’re looking forward to your feedback regarding these changes.
Be on the lookout for more information about Star Trek day coming soon, as we will celebrate it in style!

Thank you for playing,



  • ShanShan admin
    9.1.0 has been released on Google Play and Windows store.
  • 9.1.0 has been released on ios and it's finally available on Google Play!
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