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9.1.0 Update - Crew retrieval issue has been resolved!

ShanShan admin
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Greetings, Captains!

A small update regarding 9.1.0:

- Google Play: the update has been released on our end but is not yet available. We are inquiring as to why.

- Crew Retrieval issue: we are aware that for some players on 9.1.0 crew retrieval is not accessible and are working on it

- The update is not yet available on iOS. It will be released as soon as the crew retrieval issue is resolved. Thank you for your patience!

- 9.1.0 update thank you pack: a free pack containing 250 Chronitons has been made available for all players on 9.1.0. It will be claimable in the Time Portal until Wednesday, 2022-09-07.

We hope you’ll enjoy this week’s event.

Keep an eye out for additional news soon about what was discussed in our stream and our plans for Star Trek Day!

Thank you for playing,

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