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]§[ SPARTACUS has an open spot

We here at ]§[ SPARTACUS are looking for captains who are active and enjoy competing.

We are already a top 5 fleet with a great group of welcoming players with zero drama, so you’ll have no regrets about joining. We have a nice mix of exceptional players with strengths in different areas.

Our starbase is maxed out.

In Boss Battles, we are alternating Ultra Nightmare and Nightmare bosses, and doing so in usually a 24hr window. We can help you to strategize crew setups and ships.

We have Boss Battle channels for each of the highest boss battle difficulties. We work together completing the combo chains brilliantly. We even have a team of 4 guys who are our Masters of Nodes. They will post regularly on who to choose/ avoid in the relevant channels.

We have a discord server that has everything you could ever need and more. (Optional, but recommended… we have a couple of players who don’t want discord, but that’s fine as long as I have some means of contacting you away from the notorious in game chat).

General requirements:
- play daily and try to compete in events when you can. There is no mandatory event requirement here, but of course, competing with like-minded fleetmates makes things more fun.

- join our discord (not mandatory, but recommended)

- have fun!

Send me a message if this sounds like it’s up your street!
In game: ]§[Bri]§[
Discord: -Bri-#9924
Or inbox me here on whichever platform you are seeing this

We also have a sister fleet, ]§[ US COLORADO, who have access to all of our resources, and have a Master of Nodes coordinating the Boss Battle strategy. They are working towards Nightmare bosses at present, but improving quickly. For those starting Boss Battles late, or looking for an up and coming active fleet, they'd be a suitable fit. o32seyb8gnif.jpeg


  • Sounds right up my lane. I'm a lvl 99 captain lvl 16 bridge I complete my daly requirements everyday I pour a lot of resources into FBBs if interested send me an in viteand then let me know please
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