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Server Release notes 2022-09-06 Honor Sale, Fleet Boss Battles and more!

Greetings, Captains,

We’re kicking off our “Star Trek Day" week in style with our Honor Sale!

- Special Honor Offers: these offers will allow you to purchase Honor and a 5* citation. They will each have their own purchase limit. A more advantageous version of these offers will be available on the webstore, where they will offer 5% more Honor!

Clarification: the regular version of these offers will be available in-game starting tomorrow, Wednesday September 7, around 12pm ET (16:00 UTC). Our apologies for having missed this in our previous communiqué.

- Special Packs: these packs are purchasable with Honor, you have the choice between 3 different packs to get 1x 1/5 crew among crew currently available in the regular packs from the Time Portal! Packs with a purchase limit will refresh daily at noon ET (16:00 UTC).

Offers and packs will be available until Tuesday, September 13, around noon ET (16:00 UTC)!

9.1.0 and Fleet Boss Battles' return!
9.1.0 is now mandatory to continue playing and this also means that Fleet Boss Battles are back!

Don’t forget to claim the FBB appreciation pack available in the Time Portal!

There’s more:
- 5 free crew slots have been added for everyone, for a base total of 175!
- Valeo Beta V Hemmer has been added to the Honor Hall!

- Fixes with this server release: fixed a typo for Lt. Commander Docent’s uniform and Kevin Mulkahey's flavor text.

Last but not least:

Tomorrow, Wednesday September, 7 at daily reset (5:00 UTC - 1am ET), you can look forward to:
- a free giveaway pack for ‘Pathfinder Uhura’
- a month-long objective event allowing you to gain 3 additional copies


Thank you for playing,

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