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Fleet Boss Battles Known Issues - 2022-09-09

Greetings, Captains,

A little update on two known issues for Fleet Boss Battles:

- Combo view - traits list display issue

With 9.1.0 the max amount of traits listed in combo view is once again 24.

Unfortunately a previous bug has resurfaced where only 3 rows of traits are shown. (18 traits)

On our pc clients (Facebook, Steam, Windows 10) putting your mouse cursor on a trait in the list and using the scroll wheel should allow you to view any additional row.

For all platforms, when using Crew Select on a node, crew shown in the list will display additional traits. This will allow you to see traits that might be part of a hidden 4th row.

We understand the inconvenience this is causing, we are working on it as quickly as we can.

- Freeze on battle start

While our first fix did show some success, we are aware that a small portion of players still experience the issue. We are continuing our investigation.

Please note that a battle can be slow to load, we recommend waiting a bit before exiting the battle.

Player Support will continue to address any tickets to the best of their abilities, there might be some delays however. This is also a good reminder to provide as many details as you can when submitting a ticket. For any Fleet Boss Battle issue for instance, please provide the difficulty of the battle you are referring to, node if relevant, and whether or not the battle is still active - a screenshot is often very useful as well. Thank you!

Thank you for playing,

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