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1. No crew or partial crew show up.
II. Cannot activate any abilities.
C. No battle timer and battle does not stop after 180 seconds. Went on for 5 minutes until I cancelled it.
Tried running the game on mobile, emulator and browser version, same results. Bugged only on one difficulty for me, the one I was rerolling buffs on. Fleet mates have no issues. It happened immediately after I rerolled the 5th chain buff Ship Attack x4 +44% value. I suspect it is due to buffs, whether it is due to this singular buff or perhaps the total of all three ship attack buffs combined (all three are x4) reached some sort of limit.


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    NoNameNamerNoNameNamer ✭✭✭✭
    edited September 2022
    I have found the issue. There is a bug in the code that applies stat boosts which doesn't cap stats to 25 even though the game only knows how to convert these so-called condensed stats to raw power only up to 25. So when the code tries to convert back from a condensed stat to the raw value (like raw attack, to calculate the damage of your hit), the thread throws an index out of bounds exception and the thread gets killed. Enemy attacks are processed on the same thread so that's why the Doomsday machine doesn't get to attack either even though the pre-attack animation plays out. The rest of the crew don't appear in the list probably because of the same reason. I have talked with Sapko on Discord and Demo Scotty was supposed to be shown after MACO Mayweather. So it's Scotty that pushes the condensed attack value to 26. 16 from the ship's baseline given the huge boosts from the bridge and from combo effects, and +10 from Scotty = 26 ATT.

    I hope WRG does not cap stats to 25 when calculating boosts as that would be an awful solution here. It would make future bridge buffs and many combo effects useless. They should just define raw values for stats above 25 and also keep the same curve going up. Hitting diminishing returns after 25 will feel awful for the same reason.

    People are starting to get Frantic McCoy. His +12 ATT ability will make this bug surface more often.

    And the good news is that the buggy client code doesn't need to be fixed right now. The server can just send an expanded list of raw values for stats above 25.
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    I hope WRG does what triple N said.
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    ShanShan ✭✭✭✭✭
    Thanks for all the details, this will be looked into.
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    Happened to me and a fleet mate as well, very annoying.
    By using different crew and or ships we dealt way less damage.

    This needs to get fixed ASAP plz!
    •SSR Delta Flyers•
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    Thanks for all the work on this NNN. Disappointing to see how they fixed it. Along with other recent FBB announcements fleet participation has really taken a nose dive.
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    Between this fix and the other news regarding WRG's changed plans for the Captain's Bridge and FBB, I can't help but feel deeply disappointed. It's a shame, we had a good thing going with this feature.

    The lack of listening to player concerns about various FBB issues is starting to show a disturbing pattern.
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