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Fleet E Street Band has currently some positions open. We are a max level base fleet.

We expect you to be a regular player, doing dailies and help us to grow at the Boss Battles.

If you are that Captain, and are a level 20 or higher Captain, you're welcome to join our fleet.

Captain P. - Admiral of fleet E Street Band


  • If you want to help us to beat the FBB, join to help us grow there too.
  • Currently we winning a lot of Brutal Boss Battles. Who wants to help us to progress to Nightmare.
  • Hello Captains, we still are looking for Captains that want to help us progress.
  • Hello Captains, fleet E Street Band has open spots. We are a max level fleet and are trying to beat Ultra Nightmare at FBB. Are you a regular player, than please feel welcome to join our fleet.
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