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Fleet E Street Band has currently some positions open. We are a max level base fleet.

We expect you to be a regular player, doing dailies and help us to grow at the Boss Battles.

If you are that Captain, and are a level 20 or higher Captain, you're welcome to join our fleet.

Captain P. - Admiral of fleet E Street Band


  • If you want to help us to beat the FBB, join to help us grow there too.
  • Currently we winning a lot of Brutal Boss Battles. Who wants to help us to progress to Nightmare.
  • Hello Captains, we still are looking for Captains that want to help us progress.
  • Hello Captains, fleet E Street Band has open spots. We are a max level fleet and are trying to beat Ultra Nightmare at FBB. Are you a regular player, than please feel welcome to join our fleet.
  • Hello Captains, we are still open for regular players, that will help us to beat Ultra Nightmare.
    We are a max level fleet, and love to have you as our fleet members.
  • Where do I sign up?
  • I'm alvl 99 player with over175 maxed golds and I've been playing for close to 3 years now. FBB are always a priority for me
  • Captain P (ESB)Captain P (ESB) ✭✭✭
    edited September 2023
    What is your avatar in STT, I will send you an invite. Or alternate you can look for Captain P in STT and contact me.
    Or look in the fleet roster for E Street Band.
  • Fleet E Street Band has room for 2 Captains. Please feel welcome to join our mission.
  • We are currently full staffed.
  • Hello Captains, are you a daily player, at least level 50? Why not join fleet E Street Band.
    We play a daily Ultra Night Mare in the Boss Battles. Our fleet rank in events is between 100 and 150.
    We have a few openings at the moment.
  • We are still looking for captains, that want to help us to run Ultra Night Mare. You're welcome to join our fleet. Look for E Street Band.
  • Are you at least a daily level 30 player. You want to beat Ultra Night Mare daily.

    Why not join fleet E Street Band. We are a level 134 Starbase. Playing Ultra Nightmare daily. Join one of our squadrons and enjoy playing Star Trek Timelines.
  • Do u still have any openings? I am level 53 and current fleet is not able to even beat brutal boss battles. most high level players have already left for better fleets. So I'm lo0oking for a new home I do my daily's every day and try to participate as best I can in all events to help my squadrons.
    IGN : Silencer
  • Yes, we still have openings. You can look for E Street Band on STT and join our fleet.
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