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FBB cooldown reduction effects are incorrectly applied

We are spending dil to roll for cooldown reductions of fractions of a second, but then the server rounds that number and the battle plays out with that rounded cooldown number on each ability. Anything above .5 gets rounded up, and a .5 or lower gets rounded down. In other words, here are the possible outcomes on all CD reduction effects right now:
  • x1 CD reduction (0.5s to 1s): this always translates to -1s CD unless you've rolled a 0.5s in which case it does nothing.
  • x2 CD reduction (1s to 2s): this translates to -1s CD for all rolls between 1 and 1.5, and to -2s CD for rolls above 1.5
  • x4 CD reduction (2s to 4s): -2s CD if rolled between 2-2.5 (including), -3s if rolled between 2.5 and 3.5 (including) and this is the likely outcome (p=50%), and -4s when rolled above 3.5.

I had a -1s CD reduction buff and then I've rolled a second -0.7s CD reduction buff for a total of -1.7s. I have looked in both instances at what the server tells the client about the cooldowns of all the ship abilities that always happens right before the battle starts. The game then plays out using those numbers. Here is Dereth's ability correctly reduced to a 11s cooldown in the first instance, and then his ability incorrectly reduced to a 10s cooldown in the second instance when it should have been 10.3.


This behavior is highly misleading and makes rerolling any x1 CD reduction buff almost worthless. I know I have spent a lot of dil trying to reroll low x1 numbers to something higher, and it likely gained me nothing.


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