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Server Release Notes 2022-09-20 - EV Suit Boimler Edition!

Greetings, Captains,

When we announced our webstore we hinted at various exclusive offers that will be only available there. It is the case today with the release of EV Suit Boimler!

If you are interested in acquiring this new version of Boimler, head over to the webstore (https://store.startrektimelines.com)!

This particular offer will be available for as long as EV Suit Boimler remains a limited crew, once he’s obtainable via Crew Retrieval/regular packs in the Time Portal, the offer will be removed from the webstore.

Changes made to the game today:
- Fanboy Boimler now has the ‘Kazon’ trait
- Azetbur is now known as Chancellor Azetbur

Thank you for playing,



  • Update: Ev Suit Boimler was added to the premium portal during the last Elusive Treasures in July 2023 and was removed from the Webshop.
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